A Life Looking Forward: Memoirs of an Independent Marxist by Samir Amin

By Samir Amin

Publish yr note: First released in 2006

Samir Amin, one of many 20th century's best radical intellectuals, has lived his own and political lifestyles on the intersection of varied cultures and foreign revolutionary currents - from Egypt to France to West Africa, from communism to national-liberation socialism, Maoism and eventually a mature anti-imperialism.

His memoirs aren't just a attention-grabbing own narrative yet a penetrating historical-political research, in addition to an advent to his most crucial theoretical contributions. they provide a special vantage element for looking at the operations of world capitalism and the evolution, crises and prospects of radical pursuits, specifically within the 3rd global.

This e-book can be beneficial not just to readers attracted to Amin's profoundly influential paintings or within the background of the worldwide left yet to somebody all in favour of today's around the world struggles opposed to capitalist globalization.

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