A Technique for Image Data Hiding and Reconstruction without by Chae Manjunath

By Chae Manjunath

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Software, 24(3):268–302, 1998. 17. B. K˚agstr¨om, P. Ling, and C.

Wong, Monte Carlo simulations: hidden errors from “good” random number generators, Phys. Review Letters 69 (1992), 3382–3384. 14. P. Gimeno, Problem with ran array, personal communication, 10 Sept. 2001. 15. M. Jakobsson, E. Shriver, B. K. Hillyer and A. Juels, A practical secure physical random bit generator, Proc. Fifth ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, November 1998. html . 16. A. Juels, M. Jakobsson, E. Shriver and B. K. Hillyer, How to turn loaded dice into fair coins, IEEE Trans.

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