Analyzing Business Data with Excel by Gerald Knight

By Gerald Knight

Total it is a solid booklet, however it will be a lot nicer in the event that they supplied Excel worksheets with the information utilized in the book's examples. a few pattern code is supplied for dowload on Oreilly's web site, yet this doesn't comprise instance info. still, the e-book is worthy taking a look at.

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The sample data uses a five-day week so Lag is 5. The application is designed to work with any value from 2 to 7. Work Item (B3) This is the name of the work item. In the sample data it is Calls, but depending on the work being done it could be checks, orders, cars, or any unit or work. This value is used in headings and labels. Confidence Level (B4) The confidence level determines the probability used to set the range for the adjusted prediction. Anomaly Detection (B5) The application calculates the probability that the actual value for the day is an anomaly.

This will let us calculate the probability that the current error is too large. Using the value returned by the STANDARDIZE function, the formula in D26, which is =NORMSDIST(D25), gives the portion of the distribution between the mean and the value in D23. 32 standard deviations from the mean. A forecast can be high or low; therefore, the distribution of errors has two tails. 5)*2, gives the final answer. 5 because the NORMSDIST function only considers one tail of the distribution, and multiply by two because the error can occur at either end of the distribution.

If you select a cell outside the table the field list disappears and the table features are disabled. You can reactivate the pivot table by clicking on any part of it. Figure 2-4. Populating the row field area 34 35 Scalar items go in the data area, and the next step is to drag the Order Age data item to that area. You can use a categorical item in the data area, but this will make most of the calculations unusable. Excel will try to determine what kind of data you have selected, and it will set a default calculation.

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