Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 2 - Canadian MIL TM

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The 1987 Free Trade Agreement with the United States also carries important implications for social programs. Wolfe (1989) warns that while the excesses of Reaganism and Thatcherism may have been avoided in Canada, the 1987 bilateral trade agreement 'represents an attempt to introduce through the backdoor the excesses of neo-conservatism ... [T]he role of market forces will be greatly enhanced in determining the allocation of investment, employment and income, at the expense of state policies' (Wolfe 1989:120).

Macdonald (1984), in his survey of voluntary agencies in Vancouver, found that programs relating to women and children were especially hard hit. (3) The government also moved to reduce its responsibility within some statutory services through 'bureaucratic disentitlement3 ... which is sometimes ... difficult to monitor because the exclusions are mandated through modifications in internal policy while leaving the legislative framework intact' (Callahan and McNiven 1988:20). 37 38 Public Funds, Private Provision (4) Direct government service provision was consolidated and limited to the purely statutory services of child protection, income security, and adoption.

Health care in Canada, for example, is made available through public provision of hospitals and government employment of the relevant personnel. Services are provided free at the point of use, and are regulated through qualification requirements. In the same way, government involvement can be described for education, housing, transportation, and other components that make up our system of social welfare. In each of these areas the extent of government provision, subsidy, and regulation varies. It is not always easy to find the dividing line between the public sector and the private market in each component of the social welfare system.

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