Apollo by (Deity) Apollo; (Deity) Apollo; Graf, Fritz

By (Deity) Apollo; (Deity) Apollo; Graf, Fritz

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Typhon was, after all, to become a major threat for Zeus’ kingship, and Hesiod describes in long and graphic detail the cosmic battle that followed Typhon’s bid for power (Theogony 820– 867). 3). Apollo’s victory is comparatively elegant, as befits the god. Myths of dragon fights are always situated at the turning point from a chaotic primeval era to the orderly time of the present. The Oriental mother of all dragon fights, the young god Marduk’s fight against the primeval goddess Tiamat in Babylonian mythology, was situated in a time before the creation of earth and sky; it was recited in Babylon during the annual New Year’s Apollo 26 festival.

Music – or rather, to a Greek, mousikē, the combination of instrumental music, song, and dance –, archery and divination are the fields in which the singer of the Hymn sees Apollo’s power at work. We touched upon archery in the first chapter, we will treat divination in the third: in this chapter, I shall look at the lyre, while being aware that it is tricky to segment the complex world of Apollo. The Hymn itself treats all three together. The foundation of Apollo’s main oracle at Delphi – or rather, in the Hymn’s perspective, his first, foremost and almost unique oracular shrine – is its second main topic, together with his birth.

And they told two stories that had to explain what the somewhat repulsive but innocent rodent had to do with one of the most exalted gods of Greece; neither story holds water. ” While they spent the night on the shore of what was to become Chryse, mice ate all the leather of their weaponry. 604, after Callinus of Ephesus). The second story tells of the anger of Apollo towards one of his local priests; the angry god sent mice on his land that laid it practically waste. A friend of the priest placated the god and made him shoot the mice; the grateful priest instituted the cult of “Mouse Apollo” (Scholiast on Homer, Il.

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