Approximation Methods in Quantum Mechanics by A. B.; Krainov, V.; Leggett, Anthony J.(translator) Migdal

By A. B.; Krainov, V.; Leggett, Anthony J.(translator) Migdal

Paperback, entrance conceal has minor put on, complimentary replica stamped on first web page. identify written on best of 2 pages.

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Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness

In attempting to comprehend the atom, physicists outfitted quantum mechanics, the main winning idea in technological know-how and the foundation of one-third of our economic system. they discovered, to their embarrassment, that with their conception, physics encounters realization. Authors Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner clarify all this in non-technical phrases with aid from a few fanciful tales and anecdotes concerning the theory's builders.

Quantum theory of optical coherence

A precis of the pioneering paintings of Glauber within the box of optical coherence phenomena and photon facts, this publication describes the basic rules of contemporary quantum optics and photonics in an academic kind. it really is hence not just meant as a reference for researchers within the box, but in addition to offer graduate scholars an perception into the fundamental theories of the sector.

Is quantum logic really logic

Putnam and Finkelstein have proposed the abandonment of distributivity within the common sense of quantum conception. this transformation effects from defining the connectives, now not fact functionally, yet by way of a definite empirical ordering of propositions. Putnam has argued that using this ordering ("implication") to manipulate proofs resolves convinced paradoxes.

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