Atlantis Encyclopedia by Frank Joseph

By Frank Joseph

A instruction manual of Atlantean info for basic readers and experts alike!

This is a useful, distinctive reference. in contrast to such a lot different books at the topic, The Atlantis Encyclopedia deals fewer theories and extra proof. even though it doesn't got down to end up the sunken capital really existed, The Atlantis Encyclopedia musters a lot facts on its behalf, even skeptics may possibly finish that there has to be at the least whatever authentic in the back of such a permanent, certainly international legend. You’ll examine:

* What was once Atlantis? * the place used to be it positioned? * How in the past did it flourish? * How used to be it destroyed? * What turned of its survivors? * Have any is still of Atlantis ever been stumbled on? * Will Atlantis ever be came upon? * Did Atlantis have any impression on the United States?

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And abandoned in the early part of the 14th century, but whose earliest origins are still undetermined. The Cherokee also preserve a deluge legend that tells of survivors arriving on the shores of Turtle Island (North America) from “a great lodge” drowned in the Eastern Sea. The survival of this term, Atala, and its undeniably Atlantean details among peoples as widely separated as India, Morocco, and Georgia comprise persuasive evidence on behalf of a historic Atlantis. Atalanta Modern Talanto, a rocky islet west of the entrance to the Greek port city of Piraeus.

Atlantis: The Antediluvian World has been unfairly condemned for its relatively few failings, mostly by Establishment dogmatists and cultural isolationists to whom any serious suggestion of Atlantis is the worst heresy. But no scholarly position has been able to remain unscathed after 100 years of scientific progress, and, for the most part, Donnelly’s work has stood the test of time. In the first 10 years after its publication, the book went through 24 editions, making it an extraordinary best-seller, even by modern standards.

A curious variation of this folk memory from Nazca, site of the great lines and effigies seen properly only from altitude, has him rising into the air and flying toward the setting sun. Other than this last suggestion of prehistoric aviation, At-ach-u-chu’s resemblance to similarly fair-faced culture-bearers appearing after a great natural disaster in the Atlantic Ocean are common throughout the Americas, from the Menomonie Indians of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to the Aztecs’ Quetzalcoatl and the Mayas’ Kukulcan.

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