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Disconnect the battery and drain the cooling system as detailed in the COOUNG SYSTEM chapter. 2. Remove the air trunking between the turbocharger and the intercooler, and the lrunking between the intercooler and the carburettor intake (Fig. C:4). 3. Slacken the alternator/water pump drive belt as detailed in the ROUTINE MAINTENANCE chapter and detach the belt from the water pump pulley. 4. T. leads from the spark plugs and the ignition coil. Undo the clamp bolt and remove the distributor from the cylinder head.

1 .............. 3 NOTE: 11Ie crankshaft should always be rotated in a clockwise direction when adjusting the valve clearances. 10. When adjustment is complete, clean the rocker cover flange on the cylinder head to remove any oil or dirt. Check the condition of the rubber seal on the rocker cover. If necessary, peel off the seal and clean the seal groove to remove all traces of oil and seal adhesive. 11. Smear a suitable rubber adhesive (Bostic Clear type is ideal) around the seal flange on the rocker cover and allow it to partially dry until it becomes tacky before position· ing the new seal.

C:28), then undo the two bolts securing the camshaft flange. The bolts are accessible lluough the two holes in the cam sprocket (Fig. C:28). NOTE: Hold the cylinder liners firmly in place with a wood block or sleel bar if tile crankshaft needs to be tumed 10 align the cam sprocket flonge access holes. 8. Using a universal puller tool, carefully pull the sprocket from the crankshaft nose, withdrawing the camshaft at the same time (Fig. C:29). 9. Detach the chain from the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets.

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