Backyard Biology: Investigate Habitats Outside Your Door by Donna Latham, Beth Hetland

By Donna Latham, Beth Hetland

Life is in all places, thriving within the urban and within the state, teeming in ecosystems round the planet—in deserts, oceans, or even the Arctic. And existence is correct outdoor your door! yard Biology invitations young children a long time nine and as much as examine residing things—especially in yards, parks, nature components, and playgrounds. minutiae and enjoyable evidence carry animals, crops, and microorganisms to lifestyles, in all their wonder.
Readers develop into Nature Detectives with actions and tasks that inspire kids to make discoveries. kids will build a plankton internet to gather pond samples, and they'll develop microorganisms in a Winogradsky Column. They'll notice what secret crops sprout from accumulated soil samples and construct a rolypoly habitat. whilst teenagers scan with phototropism and geotropism, they'll realize the methods vegetation movement. In yard Biology, childrens will scout out various habitats to watch and investigate—and do their half to guard them.

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It’s a win-win partnership that’s beneficial for both. How do the algae and fungi in lichens help each other? Algae contain chlorophyll and produce food from the sun’s energy. Fungi protect algae. In return, fungi gain nutrients from algae. Words to Know atmosphere: the mixture of gases surrounding a planet. symbiosis: the relationship between two different organisms, in which one or both benefit. root: the underground plant structure that anchors the plant and takes in water and minerals from soil.

Seeds create new plants. 43 Backyard Biology Inside a seed is the energy and materials that a plant needs for growth until it sprouts its first leaves above the ground. Roots, stems, and leaves are not reproductive parts. Sprawling underground, hairy roots are the anchors that hold plants in place. Roots suck up water and minerals from the soil. They also store extra food that plants make. Stems are above-ground supporters and transporters. Sturdy stems prop up plants and hold leaves, flowers, and fruits.

You might spy a chipmunk sneaking an acorn away from a squirrel’s stash. Illustrate a food chain or web in your science journal to record your observations. To prepare for winter months when food is scarce, busy squirrels hide food. Squirrels dig up garden soil and bury acorns. They stash seeds and nuts under leaf litter and inside tree stumps, even in flowerpots in your own backyard! When it’s time to eat, squirrels sniff out the hidden places. Sometimes, the sneaky rodents outsmart themselves and forget where they concealed their treasures.

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