Tom Clancy's Op-Center 05 Balance of Power by Tom Clancy

By Tom Clancy

Spain is a state poised to undergo its worst inner strife in centuries. definite well-placed Spanish diplomats feel it. Op-Center intelligence corroborates it. the entire usa and Spain need to do is locate the way to dodge it. sooner than they could, an Op-Center consultant is assassinated in Madrid on her option to a most sensible mystery assembly. Now all fears are proven. an individual very robust desires one other Spanish civil war--no topic what the fee.

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August rose calmly before Rodgers arrived. He stretched for show and took a last swallow of tea. He dropped a twenty-dollar bill on the table and moved out to greet Rodgers. The men didn't speak until they were outside. The mid-fall air was biting as they walked slowly down the street to the car. "Tell me more about the good things in life," Rodgers said bitterly. " August felt the tea come back into his throat. "It happened outside the Palacio de las Cortes in Madrid," Rodgers went on. His voice was clipped and low, his eyes fixed on something in the distance.

Nor did he reminisce about how their Catalonian grandparents had raised sheep or grapes or grain in the fertile fields of León. As important as his heritage was, he couldn't think about such things right now. His mind and soul were preoccupied with what should have happened by now. His imagination was consumed with everything that was at stake-much as it had been during the years of dreaming, the months of planning, and the hours of execution. What was keeping the man? Ramirez reflected quietly on how, in years gone by, he used to sit in this very room of the yacht and wait for calls from the men he worked with at the American CIA.

They flanked the stone steps that led to a high metal door, a door used only for ceremonies. To the left of the main entrance was a very tall iron fence, which was spiked along the top. Beside the fence gate stood a small guardhouse with bulletproof windows. This was where the deputies entered the halls of parliament. Neither woman spoke as they walked past the imposing granite facade of the palace. Though Aideen had only worked at Op-Center a short while, she knew that in spirit her boss was already at the meeting.

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