Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Balance of power by Tom Clancy

By Tom Clancy

Spain is a country poised to endure its worst inner strife in centuries. yes well-placed Spanish diplomats feel it. Op-Center intelligence corroborates it. all of the United States and Spain need to do is locate how to sidestep it. sooner than they could, an Op-Center consultant is assassinated in Madrid on her approach to a best mystery assembly. Now all fears are proven. anyone very strong wishes one other Spanish civil war--no topic what the fee.

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S. Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-the Delta Force. Rodgers remained there until the Persian Gulf War, where he commanded a mechanized brigade with such Pattonesque fervor that he was well on his way to Baghdad while his backup was still in Southern Iraq. His zeal earned him a promotion-and a desk job at Op-Center. August had flown eighty-seven F-4 spy missions over North Vietnam during a two-year period before being shot down near Hue. He spent a year as a prisoner of war before escaping and making his way to the south.

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