Blueprint by Charlotte Kerner; Elizabeth D Crawford

By Charlotte Kerner; Elizabeth D Crawford

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She received perioperative prophylactic antibiotics. She presents to your of ce today complaining o di use lower abdominal pain. T is began several days ago as le t-sided lower abdominal pain but has worsened and become more generalized. She developed subjective ever and anorexia yesterday. On examination, she appears ill. 0°C, pulse 112, BP 85/50. Her abdominal and pelvic examinations suggest peritonitis with extreme tenderness. An image rom her computed tomographic (C ) is signi cant or the nding seen below.

Some o these deaths are more notably caused by toxic shock syndrome rom which o the ollowing bacterial in ections? a. Clostridium sodellii b. Chlamydia trachomatis c. Neisseria gonorrhoeae d. Staphylococcus aureus 6–15. A proven, e ective therapy or threatened abortion includes which o the ollowing? a. Bedrest b. Daily morning acetaminophen c. Increased oral uid intake d. None o the above C H 6–18. T e patient in Question 6–17 presents to the Emergency Department a ew hours later and passes the tissue shown below.

Endometrial cancer d. Unpredictable bleeding 5–24. Use o which o the ollowing drugs most clearly decreases combined hormonal contraceptive e cacy? a. Ri ampin b. Penicillin c. Doxycycline d. Cipro oxacin a. b. c. d. T rombotic disorders Cholestatic jaundice Migraines with ocal neurologic de cits Uncomplicated systemic lupus erythematosus that includes negative testing or antiphospholipid antibodies 5–22. Which o the ollowing statements regarding the method o contraception shown here compared with combination oral contraceptive pills (COCs) is true?

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