Boys and Girls Learn Differently!: A Guide for Teachers and by Michael Gurian

By Michael Gurian

During this profoundly major publication, writer Michael Gurian synthesizes this present wisdom and obviously demonstrates how this contrast in hard-wiring and socialized gender variations impacts how girls and boys research. Gurian offers a brand new solution to teach our kids in accordance with mind technological know-how, neurological improvement, and chemical and hormonal disparities.

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Of course, difference is not evidence of gender superiority or inferiority in general. There are some things boys tend to be better at than girls, and vice versa. There is a skill superiority already built into general male and female brain development. But this in no way means there is an inherent male or female superiority in moral or social terms. ” Interpretations like this can make all of us a little afraid of saying that boys and girls learn differently because their brains are different.

We may never understand all of the machinations, functions, and potentials of our brain. It is not our purpose here to try. Our goal should be to look at what we do know about how the brain learns and what we are discovering about the important differences in how male and female brains operate. By taking these first, tentative steps toward understanding, we can help our children become comfortably and fully themselves—accepting their differences, celebrating their natural strengths, and aiding them in compensating for their natural weaknesses.

Boys can sometimes take hours to process emotively (and manage the same information as girls). This lessor emotive ability makes males more emotionally fragile than we tend to think. A boy who has had a crisis at home this morning may come to school with a higher cortisol (stress-hormone) level than, say, his sister because he has held in, or not processed, the emotional stress of the crisis at home. He may be unable to learn for much of the morning, whereas his sister may quickly process and even talk out the hard edges of the stress so that she can learn efficiently the very same morning.

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