Breath by Breath: The Liberating Practice of Insight by Larry Rosenberg

By Larry Rosenberg

Freedom from affliction is not just attainable, however the ability for reaching it are instantly inside our grasp—literally as with regards to us as our personal breath. this is often the 2,500-year-old excellent news inside the Anapanasati Sutra , the Buddha's instructing on cultivating either tranquility and deep perception via complete wisdom of respiring. during this publication, Larry Rosenberg brings this undying meditation technique to lifestyles. utilizing the insights won from his a long time of perform and instructing, he makes perception meditation perform available to fashionable practitioners.

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It might also help to practice hatha yoga, t’ai chi, or other physical disciplines that focus on the breathing. Anything that helps you breathe more easily will make the breath a more attractive object of attention. Finally, you need to develop a certain devotion to your meditation object. We all start off somewhat skeptically, but if this practice is right for you, there comes a time when you simply give yourself over to it. The breath is an object that the Buddha often meditated on. It is what he used to help him achieve enlightenment.

Once you have established a stable posture, the Buddha says, you should arouse mindfulness. PRACTICE AS INTIMACY Mindfulness is a term that is used a great deal in the Anapanasati Sutra, and it would be helpful to understand it before we go on. We human beings have an extraordinary capacity, which we sometimes take for granted until it is called to our attention: unlike other beings in the world who are living out their lives, we have the ability to be conscious of that process as we do so. Mindfulness is often likened to a mirror; it simply reflects what is there.

Anapanasati accomplishes some of the same things—it is a kind of Buddhist science of breath—by letting the breath be as it is, by surrendering to the process. There is no question that if this practice is followed over a period of time—months and years—the quality of the breathing does improve; it becomes fuller, deeper, and calmer, with consequences both physical and psychological. We’re all breathing. The instruction is just to know that we are, not in an intellectual sense, but to be aware of the simple sensation, the in-breath and the out-breath.

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