Brethren by Robyn Young

By Robyn Young

At the EVE OF THE final CRUSADE... One younger knight, sure by way of religion, pushed by way of valour, starts off a quest to guard a mystery which could switch the process heritage irrevocably. A richly designated, epic ancient experience set in Paris, London, Egypt, and Palestine at the eve of the final campaign, Brethren tells the tale of a tender knight’s look for a mysterious (and almost certainly lethal) e-book belonging to a mystery association in the Knights Templar. while younger Will Campbell joins the main robust association in Europe, The Order of the Knights Templar, he unearths himself drawn right into a international of intrigue and chance. he's charged with getting better a heretical booklet stolen from the order’s vaults—but what's going to doesn’t comprehend is that the publication, within the type of a Grail Romance, hides the covert plans of a mystery crew in the Temple referred to as the Anima Templi: the Soul of the Temple. Whoever controls the publication controls the destiny of the Templars—and it sounds as if all people round Will is able to kill to own it. Brethren additionally strains the increase of Baybars Bundukdari, an formidable commander within the Egyptian military, who, after assassinating the sultan, takes keep an eye on of Egypt and Syria. the 2 tales come jointly in the course of Baybars’s crusade for a brand new Holy struggle that may cripple an empire and produce the Crusaders to their knees. Cleverly combining narratives—East and West—author Robyn younger progressively finds the many hyperlinks that deliver nice cultures to conflict, making a multifaceted international of sultans, troubadours, clergymen, and knights; strong-willed girls and foul-mouthed murderers; sieges, battles, braveness, and betrayal. With nail-biting conflict scenes, a perfectly advanced villain, and an encyclopedic clutch of historic aspect, Brethren brings this attention-grabbing interval vividly alive.

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His friend had been absent during the evening meal and when neither Garin nor Jacques had attended chapel for Compline, he’d begun to worry. He wondered what he should do. The answer came back the same as always; there was nothing he could do. Jacques was a knight and he was a sergeant, he had no authority. Will ran his fingertip down the sword’s hilt feeling the subtle change between silver and iron. He sometimes thought he knew how Garin felt. And he sometimes wondered whether it was worse to have an uncle who mistreated you, or a father who wouldn’t speak with you at all.

At least we were better than them,” said Will, as the two sergeants went down in a tangle of limbs. ” Will glanced at Garin. ” Garin gave him a pained look. “I was saying you’ve got to be careful. You neglected a chore for the sake of an hour’s sleep and you’ve spent the last ten days paying for it. ” “It wasn’t for sleep. I…” Will paused, then dropped his voice to a whisper and told his friend about the initiation he had watched with Simon. ” Garin shook his head, incredulous. ” Garin’s face still showed disbelief and something else now too.

Baybars took the place of his dead leader and set a trap in Mansurah, knowing that we would follow his men into the town. In the streets our brothers fell by the hundreds on the swords of Baybars’s men. ” Prince Edward stirred. ” said Henry emphatically before Humbert could answer. ” “There is, as with all things, the matter of funding, my lords,” said Owein. Humbert shot Owein a sharp glance. “The Mamluks know the lands well from their many campaigns, Lord King. More so than our settlers, who have established livelihoods in one town or another and have been content to remain there.

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