Buddhism (Eyewitness Books) by Philip Wilkinson

By Philip Wilkinson

This amazing booklet explores the background and perform of Buddhism, starting with the lifetime of Buddha and carrying on with to the unfold of Buddhism from Asia to the Western global. appealing images express the rituals, artifacts, and structure which are vital to the Buddhist culture.

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The whole structure of the Borobudur€Temple in Java, comprising€a stepped-pyramid, three circular€terraces, and a central stupa, is built€in the form of a lotus, the sacred flower€of Buddhism.

They are usually golden and are often portrayed in pairs, placed head to head. The fish, umbrella, treasure vase, lotus, conch shell, knot, banner, and wheel are the Eight Auspicious (lucky) Symbols of Buddhism. The knot symbolizes the infinite PRECIOUS PRINTS Before his death, the Buddha stood on a rock in Kushinagara in Nepal facing toward the south. When he moved, he is said to have left his footprints in the stone. Ever since, images of these prints have been used as symbols of his presence on the Earth.

He tells them about the Buddha’s teachings and explains why it is wrong to harm others. Monks also build gardens in prison grounds, creating peaceful spaces for inmates to visit. Some convicted criminals change their way of life as a result of this work. PEACE PROTEST These Buddhist monks and nuns are demonstrating against the war in Kosovo in 1999. Buddhists oppose killing and most believe in ahimsa, or nonviolence. They will not fight in wars, and often take part in antiwar protests. 53 Devotion to the Buddha The Buddha is an enlightened being, FOOTPRINT FOCUS Images like this one of the Buddha’s footprint provide a focus for devotion.

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