Buddhism in China by Haicheng Ling

By Haicheng Ling

This ebook, divided into 5 components, explains the foundation and unfold of the faith all through China. It additionally explains the 3 branches of Buddhism; "the Pali, Han and Tibetan"¡and their affects on either historic and modern day China.

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When he became a monk,he learned Buddhism from Dao'an and became his disciple. When wars broke out in northern China, he followed Dao'an down to the south, first to Xiangyang and then to Jingzhou. In 381,he came to Lushan and built a garden there. In 386, the garden was turned into a temple. As it -R^ cf J Chapter Two Han-Language buddhism i was located east of the Xilin Temple, it was named Donglin Temple. Since then,he made Donglin Temple a center for spreading the teachings of the Pure Land Sect.

Dao Xuan's I disciple Jian Zhen once spread teachings of Vinaya discipline in | Darning Temple o f Yangzhou and that temple has thus become the temple of the first patriarch of this sect of Buddhism. Situated in a mountain on the northern outskirts of Yangzhou, the temple was built in the mid-5th century. The existing structure was built toward the end of the 19th century. The temple is noted as the residence of famous monk Jian Zhen, who was ordained in the temple at the age of 14 and became an abbot of the temple at the age of 27.

One was built for the first patriarch Master Dushun. It stands 13 meters in seven stories, with the top story engraved with two Chinese words meaning "Master of Huayan". The other was built for the fourth patriarch Buddhism in China Qingliang Chengguan. It stands 7 meters in five stories and six sides. Caotang Temple was originally the temple o f the first K patriarch of San Lun Sect. It is located in Huxian County, Shaanxi Province. It was a place where Kumarajiva translated Buddhist scriptures and his relic tower is still inside the temple.

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