Buddhist Sects In India by Nalinaksha Dutt

By Nalinaksha Dutt

Reprint of a vintage, lines early background, occasions resulting in the emergence of Mahayana culture

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HuligikulIlaggo. ,:s the middle path which cschew;:d 1. Mnjjhima. l, p. 372f. 2. Viella, II. p. 154. , ~h. V I. 4. , I, ch. XVI. ~. C. hy of Eorly BIIlMMJ"/II; l 'iwYII J. : Di~)'ii \'adi"'ll, p. ::! I . 6•. Majjlli'lll/. 11, p. 1:1, ;l, 9. Cr. , I, p. kh:J. lasi kkhij a:lhipaniiasikkha Ii imfl tblo sik~h:\ si k ~h;II;W1() sC\T ill'~lti . nla ~I:'jn h''ll ~di'll kalva yava "r:'hllll"m"bllnllhi> ~(l II " .. ,Jh" b~~h, ... i. on. ' For this reason. au>tere practtces do not figure in his disciplinary code!

Kh us mm! aho he quite awa re that the d octrine so put forth was wrong, or at Icft s! cinuhtful , and a lso that the schism res ulting from his acl ion would he or probably be disastro us to the Dhamma. 'ervative school, t he T heravadins, who u sually looked upon all those who d iffered from them with suspicion and ascribec1 an evil motive to th~ holding o f dissentient view'S It i;: v~ry like:ly that the d issenters held a n honest opinion that their vi('ws were c1evnid of any evil motive of injuring the Dhamma .

Oj . 11. Sl~ hrgher kn owlcdllC, or power, ~ IZ .. d! JM,na, pu. lIl lj , pJd hi. ~ l lIa j)lIry4Yl·j~An a . ' 22 BUDDHIST SECTS IN I ND l A Mahiikiisya pa, Up

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