By Great Waters: A Newfoundland and Labrador Anthology by Peter Neary

By Peter Neary

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I had not the common necessaries that every sailor had. I had few and ill clothes, few and common medicines and utensils, 6 quarts of brandy, a small pot of butter, and books I had pickt up, a few. My comfort was I should be under no one ... and that Mr Cock was a kind man... We came before Renoose, and the wind being north we entered the harbour and anchored, found no ship there, but divers possessors. We presently hired a sloop from a planter and sent the mate with divers men alongshore to get possessions, as they call it.

Among which I reckon bacon, fish, beans, peas, &c. And among drinks I rank all strong liquors whatsoever, specially if they be taken in frosty weather, when the stomach overabounds with heat and consequently at that time most subject to inflammations, which when the thaw comes will certainly break out into some dangerous disease. This page intentionally left blank I TRANSATLANTIC OUTPOST 28 By great waters A PLYMOUTH SURGEON IN NEWFOUNDLAND (1663)* James Yonge was born in Plymouth in 1647, the son of a medical doctor.

In 1752 a Moravian attempt to make contact with the Labrador Eskimos ended in failure when several members of the expedition, including its leader, John Christian Ehrhardt, disappeared after having been invited ashore by an Eskimo party. Jens Haven was deeply stirred by these events. From 1758 to 1762 he worked in the Greenland missions of the Church and mastered the Eskimo language. In 1764 he realized an ambition to lead a new expedition to the Labrador Eskimos. IN THE YEAR 1752, hearing, at Herrnhut, that Br Erhardt, a Missionary, sent to the coast of Labrador, had been murdered by the Esquimaux, I felt for the first time a strong impulse to go and preach the Gospel to this very nation, and became certain, in my own mind, that I should go to Labrador.

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