Calculations in Furnace Technology. Division of Materials by Clive Davies

By Clive Davies

Calculations in Furnace know-how offers the theoretical and useful elements of furnace know-how. This ebook offers details pertinent to the advance, software, and potency of furnace know-how.
Organized into 8 chapters, this booklet starts with an outline of the exothermic reactions that ensue whilst carbon, hydrogen, and sulfur are burned to unlock the power on hand within the gas. this article then evaluates the efficiencies to degree the amount of gas used, of flue gases leaving the plant, of air getting into, and the warmth misplaced to the environment. different chapters think of that it is very important be certain the volume of carbon discharged with the ashes, the amount and composition of any tar produced, in order that a carbon stability may be utilized. the ultimate bankruptcy describes many of the reactions in the furnace surroundings and among fees and surroundings.
This ebook is a important source for gasoline technologists, heating and ventilating engineers, and plant operators.

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8 3 5 X 1 00 = 9-11%. F r o m a graph constructed using these values, when carbon dioxide content = 1 1 0 % excess air =66%. ) Q 2 X dry gases l 0 ° - ° · 3 = 5-51 m . a % excess air = | ~ i x Method (Answer 100 = 66 %. ) (Answer C Assuming t h a t all of the carbon in the coal enters the gas a carbon balance m a y be carried out. If the sulphur is a d d e d t o the carbon then from 1 kg of coal the total volume of dry flue gas is given by 100X6-682X22-4 ïoô^îFô = 13 ' 61 m 3 a t N T R 3 Excess air = 1 3 - 6 1 - 8 - 1 1 6 = 5-494 m .

T h e products of combustion from 1 lb of tar are : N 2 from theoretical air = 152-2x0-79 - 3 120-34 ft . Since excess air = 2 0 % , ° 2 152-2X20X21 = , . looxioo = N 2 from excess air ^ . ^ 0-035X359 NΓ2 from t a r = - — — 100 Water vapour from combustion of H 2 = 2 9 · 5 100 Χ 93 5 = 10-59 ft» ' 6 ' 4 M f t 3 ' 3 = 24-0 ft . = _f. 3 M 0 13 ft . CALCULATIONS IN FURNACE TECHNOLOGY 44 Since 0-5 lb steam is used per p o u n d oil, then volume of steam from this source 0-5X359 18 . 99 = 9 f8 t 3 C02 - - = 26-93 ft .

The combustion equations a r e : C +0 2 = C 0 2; S+ 0 2 - S 0 2; 2H2 +0 2 = 2 H 20 .

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