Tom Clancy's Op-center: Call to treason by Jeff Rovin

By Jeff Rovin

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: name to Treason is another gripping addition to the bestselling sequence masterminded by means of Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik. The Op-Center's funds is slashed, leaving common Mike Rodgers available in the market for a brand new task. whilst presidential candidiate Senator Donald Orr recruits Rodgers to behave as his army consultant, it appears like an ideal transition. there is only one challenge. A spree of deaths will be tied to Orr's presidential run and Rodgers needs to make a decision no matter if to sign up or close it down.

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She set the glass on the counter. " "I feel it," she said. "My staff and I put a lot of weeks into this party. " "Actually, I'll be leaving right behind you," Rodgers told her. " "You're sweet, but Mr. Carlyle, the senator's driver, is going to take me home. " "Your 'extensive resources' probably told you I'm not very good at that," Rodgers said. "We heard that," she admitted. "We also heard that you're a quick study. " "A soldier who is seen is a target," Rodgers said. " she asked. "Is that what this is, Ms.

Look at the laces of her Adidas. Broken and knotted, hole on one side. The foam handle of the stroller is torn. It was probably discarded. " "Or pretending to be," Maria said as she selected a navy blue stick to lay in shadows. "It's possible," McCaskey agreed. He looked toward the lawn beyond the path. " Maria asked. " "But the web cam is not," McCaskey said. " Just then the mail carrier pulled up in his small local-haul truck. A lanky, blond-haired young man emerged carrying a white plastic bin and stepped over to the mailbox.

There was a brief struggle, but the man with the laptop got the mail. The woman sped away as McCaskey arrived. The large envelope was in the man's hand, folded in half. "I've got it all," he said to the mail carrier. "Thanks. I'll take it," March said, walking over. "Glad I could help," the man with the laptop said. Then he turned and walked away. McCaskey had an uneasy sense about this. He waited anxiously while March flipped through the few pieces of mail. He reached the envelope addressed to Malaysia.

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