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Rather, the decline of employment in extractive industries has led to a growth of both transformative and service sector employment, especially in the European countries examined. By the 1970s, employment outside the extractive sector in these countries was evenly divided between the transformative and service sectors. The pattern of industrial change in Canada has been very similar to that of the United States. In contrast to Europe in the 1920s, the North American countries already had a higher percentage of employment in service industries than in transformative industries, and this gap has widened significantly ever since.

In his conceptualization, classes (and their amount of power) are determined by their relationships to the means of production: capital, land, technology, equipment, and so on. The basic class distinction Marx made for modern capitalist countries is between the bourgeoisie, who own the means of production and thus have substantial control over economic production, and the preletariat, who own only their own labor power and must sell it to the bourgeoisie in return for the wages that allow them to make a living.

In both countries men earn more than women, and whites in the United States and English-speaking Canadians earn the most. Indeed it is this last difference that has been the source of some of the most bitter and enduring conflicts in both countries, a point that is addressed in the next section. Summary This profile of Canada's demographic and socioeconomic characteristics has highlighted several points. First, Canada's general profile is similar to that of cer- Page 23 tain other industrial countries.

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