The Captain Must Die by Robert Colby

By Robert Colby

For twelve lengthy years they remembered. For twelve lengthy years they plotted. And now Captain Driscoll was once going to pay for what he had performed to them throughout the warfare. They were not going to kill him instantly. First there will be purely little issues, frustrating issues, that may construct and develop and tighten till Captain Driscoll turned afraid. Then they might start their reign of terror. that may be the simplest half. the 3 revenge-hungry males may take pleasure in these moments like an outstanding wine. And whilst Captain Driscoll used to be a damaged, sobbing guy, whilst his sanity was once nearly long past, they'd homicide him.

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Said Brick. " "I can almost taste it," said Barney. " "Oh, no," said Brick. "That's where you're wrong. A thing like this should build. It should begin slowly, in a very small way. First it heckles, you see. Irritates like a boil. " The tall man slowly brought his fingers together until they clenched into a knotty fist. "And when it tightens, it frightens. You see? You got to have the fear first. That's really the best part. That's the part you drag out, like you were sipping a good wine. Then you back up the fear and it gets serious.

That's a point," he said. "Maybe we shouldn't rush it. Afterwards it might be too hot to grab anything. " But he had. He had thought of that and every small detail. There was a purpose in everything he said and did. Even the baiting of Cal was part of a plan. "We'll wait," he said. "We'll still take it slow. And we'll use Cal in the part he plays best. With the woman. You like that, Cal? " Cal smiled his easy smile. "I don't like it better. But I like it plenty. " "All right," said Brick. "You make contact.

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