Einstein and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings by Thomas J. McFarlane, Wes Nisker

By Thomas J. McFarlane, Wes Nisker

Provocative, stimulating, and insightful, Einstein and Buddha issues to the far-reaching and profound parallels among Western clinical inspiration and japanese faith. those remarkably comparable disciplines contact at the crucial nature of power and subject, the connection among topic and item, and the bounds of language in figuring out and describing fact. The shared understandings converse a deep universal flooring on either the character of the universe and our position in it.

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The Scriptures of Won Buddhism: A Translation of Wonbulgyo by Bong-Kil Chung, Bongkil Chung

By Bong-Kil Chung, Bongkil Chung

Received Buddhism, one of many significant religions of contemporary Korea, was once verified in 1916 by way of Pak Chung-bin (1891-1943), later often called Sot'aesan. In 1943 Sot'aesan released a suite of Buddhist writings, the proper Canon of Buddhism (Pulgyo chongjon), which incorporated the doctrine of his new order. 4 years later, the second one patriarch, Chongsan (1900-1962), had the order collect a brand new canon, which was once released in 1962. This paintings, translated the following because the Scriptures of received Buddhism (Wonbulgyo kyojon), contains the Canon (a redaction of the 1st a part of the Pulgyo chongjon) and the analects and chronicle of the founder referred to as the Scripture of Sot'aesan. the current translation contains severe tenets from the 1943 Canon that have been altered within the redaction strategy and gives persuasive arguments for his or her re-inclusion. "Professor Chung has drawn on all of the instruments in his scholarly arsenal to show the flavour and that means of the unique Korean texts. Written vernacular Korean was once nonetheless a great deal a piece in development in the course of the early 20th century and the that means of the Korean texts isn't really consistently simple, even to the professional. Professor Chung has taken a major first step in making this fabric intelligible to a Western audience." --- Robert E. Buswell, from the Foreword

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Eastern philosophy by Dr. Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad

By Dr. Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad

[In this book], the writer dispels the parable of a unified culture of mystical japanese knowledge and but exposes the sweetness and intensity of notion structures that experience constructed over hundreds of thousands of years and appealed to thousands through the international. -Dust jacket.

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Proofs for Eternity, Creation and the Existence of God in by Herbert A. Davidson

By Herbert A. Davidson

The critical debate of normal theology between medieval Muslims and Jews involved even if the area used to be everlasting. critiques divided sharply in this factor as the end result bore at once on God's courting with the realm: eternity implies a deity bereft of will, whereas a global with a starting results in the contrasting photo of a deity possessed of will. during this exhaustive research of medieval Islamic and Jewish arguments for eternity, construction, and the lifestyles of God, Herbert Davidson offers a scientific class of the proofs, analyzes and explains them, and strains their assets in Greek philosophy. through the examine, Davidson attempts take into consideration each argument of a philosophical personality, pushing aside in simple terms these arguments that relaxation totally on non secular religion or which fall less than a minimum point of plausibility.

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Reinventing the wheel: a Buddhist response to the by Peter D. Hershock

By Peter D. Hershock

By way of uniquely utilizing Buddhist teachings, Reinventing the Wheel assesses the non-public and communal bills of our worldwide monetary and technological commitments. Hershock urges reinvention of the technological "wheel", and, while, recognizes the necessity for brand spanking new varieties of perform fitted to our speedily evolving social, political, and monetary conditions. His persuasive presentation urges the skillful spinning of a brand new "wheel of the dharma".

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Mahavira. The Hero of Nonviolence by Manoj Jain

By Manoj Jain

Imagine an international the place nobody will get harm, an international the place not anyone is teased or bullied, an international the place there is not any worry or anger. Six centuries prior to the delivery of Jesus, within the far off land of India, there lived an exceptional non secular instructor identify Mahavira (which capability “very brave”), who imagined simply one of these global. He confirmed kindness to each dwelling being and emphasised the perform of nonviolence, compassion, and forgiveness. the faith of Mahavira was once referred to as Jainism.

Mahavira used to be born a prince, yet simply because he had such deep love and admire for all residing creatures, he renounced his wealth and tool to turn into a wandering monk. The Jain teachings of Mahavira grew to become extremely popular. He taught 3 very important classes: that one must have love and compassion for all dwelling issues; that one shouldn't be too prideful of one’s personal standpoint as the fact has many facets; and that one shouldn't be grasping and will keep away from attachment to possessions.
Today Jainism has greater than 10 million adherents through the global. In following the instance of Mahavira, Jains perform a vegetarian vitamin and are dedicated to sound ecological and environmental practices. Mahavira’s classes on nonviolence and compassion nonetheless have a profound influence world wide, and he's credited with influencing Mahatma Gandhi, who in flip encouraged Martin Luther King, Jr.

Beautifully delivered to existence via the fragile work of Demi and the robust but easy narrative of nationally famous author, Manoj Jain, the tale of Mahavira’s existence will supply a shining instance of ways one non secular teacher’s noble beliefs can echo through the ages.

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The emotions in early Chinese philosophy by Curie Virág

By Curie Virág

In China, the controversy over the ethical prestige of feelings all started round the fourth century BCE, while early philosophers first started to invoke mental different types akin to the brain (xin), human nature (xing), and feelings (qing) to give an explanation for the assets of moral authority and the principles of data concerning the international. even though a few thinkers in this interval proposed that human feelings and wishes have been transitority physiological disturbances within the brain attributable to the impression of items on this planet, this used to be no longer the account that will ultimately achieve forex. The consensus between these thinkers who could grow to be well-known because the foundational figures of the Confucian and Daoist philosophical traditions used to be that the sentiments represented the underlying, dispositional structure of anyone, and they embodied the patterned workings of the cosmos itself.

Curie Virág units out to provide an explanation for why the feelings have been one of these vital preoccupation between early thinkers, situating the full debate inside of advancements in conceptions of the self, the cosmos, and the political order. She exhibits that the mainstream account of feelings as patterned fact emerged as a part of an important conceptual shift in the direction of the popularity of typical truth as intelligible, orderly, and coherent. The mainstream account of feelings helped to summon the very proposal of the man or woman as a common class and to set up the cognitive and sensible supplier of people. This publication, the 1st extensive examine of the topic, lines the family tree of those early chinese language philosophical conceptions and examines their an important position within the formation of moral, political and cultural values in China.

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