Computing with Csharp and the DotNET Framework by Arthur Gittleman

By Arthur Gittleman

Computing with C# demystifies the artwork of programming with C# via an creation wealthy with transparent reasons and intuitive examples. either amateur and skilled programmers will locate that this article serves as an available and thorough consultant to object-oriented and event-driven programming thoughts. Readers enhance a mastery of gadgets throughout the author’s spiral educating technique: first user-friendly examples are provided, then basic category layout, and at last the tougher points of inheritance and polymorphism. the writer applies his spiral educating method through the textual content, and readers gather a significant knowing of programming thoughts and methods. this article units the normal for today’s C# programming books; teachers and scholars alike will enjoy the wealthy studying event that this article offers.

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If we lived life like that, we would get up every day, get dressed, and have breakfast no matter how we felt. In reality, we make decisions among alternatives. If we are very sick we might stay in bed and not get dressed. ) We might not be hungry one morning, so we would get up, get dressed, but skip breakfast. Here is a description of our morning, with decisions: if (I feel ill) stay in bed; else { get up; get dressed; if (I feel hungry) eat breakfast; } In this "program," what I do depends on whether "I feel ill" is true or false.

Integer data in C#, which we use in this chapter, has the familiar arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, negation, and a remainder operation. A binary operator such as '+' takes two operands, as in the expression 3 + 4, where the numbers 3 and 4 are the operands. C# supports these binary arithmetic operators: + * / % addition subtraction multiplication division remainder A unary operator takes one operand as in the expression -3. C# supports these unary arithmetic operators: + negation (no effect) If the operands are integers, then the result of an arithmetic operation will be an integer.

If x is 53 and y is 8786, what will the method display? WriteLine("You owe {1:C} which is {0} days overdue", x, y); Answers 9. FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format. Main() 11. 00, which is 53 days overdue. 4 Arithmetic Expressions In the process of solving problems, we perform operations on the data. Each type of data has suitable operations associated with it. Integer data in C#, which we use in this chapter, has the familiar arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, negation, and a remainder operation.

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