Connes-Chern character for manifolds with boundary and eta by Matthias Lesch

By Matthias Lesch

The authors convey the Connes-Chern of the Dirac operator linked to a b-metric on a manifold with boundary when it comes to a retracted cocycle in relative cyclic cohomology, whose expression will depend on a scaling/cut-off parameter. Blowing-up the metric one recovers the pair of attribute currents that characterize the corresponding de Rham relative homology category, whereas the blow-down yields a relative cocycle whose expression consists of greater eta cochains and their b-analogues. The corresponding pairing formulae, with relative K-theory periods, seize information regarding the boundary and make allowance to derive geometric effects. As a derivative, the authors convey that the generalized Atiyah-Patodi-Singer pairing brought through Getzler and Wu is unavoidably constrained to nearly flat bundles

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Ak−1 , [D2 , Ak ] = b A0 , . . +|Ak−1 |) b Ak A0 , . . , Ak−1 . 2]. In particular there is no boundary term. 3] (1),(2), (4), and we omit the details. We only 40 2. 17 (Berezin Lemma). Let K ∈ L1C q (H) ( cf. 4). Then for j

Ej K) = − Tr(E1 · . . 81) = − Tr(αE1 · . . · Ej K) = 0. If j + q is even then, since j < q, Eq anti commutes with αE1 · . . · Ej K and hence similarly Tr(αE1 · . . · Ej K) = − Tr(E2q αE1 · . . · Ej K) = Tr(Eq αE1 · . . · Ej KEq ) = Tr(E2q αE1 · . . · Ej K) = − Tr(αE1 · . . · Ej K) = 0. 80). Now we can proceed as for a θ–summable Fredholm module. Following [GBVF01, p. 82) 2 2 Strq Dt , a0 e−σ0 Dt [Dt , a1 ] . . [Dt , ak ]e−σk Dt dσ, Δk with a0 , . . , ak ∈ b C ∞ (M◦ ). As in [Get93a, bottom of p.

6. Let M be a compact manifold with boundary and an exact b-metric gb . 6, and let (x, η) : Y 1 → (−∞, 0] × ∂M denote the corresponding dif∞ feomorphism onto the cylinder (−∞, 0] × ∂M. Assume that A ∈ b Ψcl (M; E) is a classical b-pseudodifferential operator of order < − dim M, and that its kernel is d , A is trace class and one supported within the cylinder (−∞, 0) × ∂M. 39) d ,A dx = x =− (−∞,0)×∂M d trx,q KA (x, q; x, q) dvol(x, q), dx where KA denotes the Schwartz kernel of A. and Proof. The condition on the support of A is necessary since the operators x d dx are only defined on the cylinder.

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