Constructive destruction : Kafka's aphorisms, literary by Richard T. Gray

By Richard T. Gray

The examine provides an intensive research of Kafka's aphoristic writings, analyzing them in ter

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67; Vickers also notes the connection of Bacon's thoughts on the aphorism to the tradition of the legal aphorism, pp. 66-7. Paul Requadt, Lichtenberg, Sprache und Literatur, 13 (Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 1964), p. 141. Neumann, Ideenparadiese, p. 72. 17 Thus knowledge for Bacon is continually subject to change, involved in a process of "advancement," and inherently progressive. Rigidity is the enemy of truth, and the primary virtue of the aphorism is that it not only allows, but actually demands a flexible attitude with regard to the organization of individual facts and phenomena.

However, precisely this generality - and hence abstractability - of the Hippocratic aphorism has engendered its historical viability. Nothing prevented many of these statements from being applied to numerous realms and activities of human beings, which, by way of analogical extension, were related to the initial therapeutic purpose of these pronouncements. One relatively modern example documents this metaphorical transposition of a Hippocratic aphorism from the realm of medicine to that of politics.

103; Siegfried Grosse, "Das syntaktische Feld des Aphorismus," Der Aphorismus, p. 383; Krüger, p. 111; Wehe, p. 131. On this "dangerous" aspect of aphoristic expression, see Karlheinz Gehrmann, "Lesefrüchte und Aphorismen," Welt und Wort, 4 (1949), p. 11; Besser, p. 135; Krüger, p. 13; Emil Lucka, "Der Aphorismus," Das literarische Echo, 21 (1918-19), columns 17-20. with the blinding, beguiling aspect of propaganda. 58 It would be false to attribute priority to either of these, for the effectiveness of the aphorism derives from the balanced conflict of these textual dimensions.

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