Continua: With the Houston Problem Book by Howard Cook, William T. Ingram, Krystyna Kuperberg, Andrew

By Howard Cook, William T. Ingram, Krystyna Kuperberg, Andrew Lelek, Piotr Minc

This quantity comprises the lawsuits of the designated consultation on smooth equipment in Continuum conception provided on the one centesimal Annual Joint arithmetic conferences held in Cincinnati, Ohio. It additionally positive factors the Houston challenge ebook which incorporates a lately up-to-date set of two hundred difficulties collected over numerous years on the college of Houston.;These court cases and difficulties are aimed toward natural and utilized mathematicians, topologists, geometers, physicists and graduate-level scholars in those disciplines.

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However, we have tried to represent as broad a perspective of research as possible. Particularly, application areas include continuum theory, dimension the­ ory, homotopy theory, shape theory, homogeneity, fixed points, infinite-dimensional topology, topological dynamics, homeomorphism groups and group actions. On the other hand, we would like to emphasize that because of the significant body of re­ lated work (especially over the past decade, since Bestvina^s fundamental thesis) we have missed with probability one some of the interesting results.

B) compacta obtained in (A) are mutually homeomorphic. The main technique of the proof of (B) in [Be] is a powerful generalization of the partition argument originally due to Anderson [Ani] and Bing [Bi2]. Instead of working directly with partitions of Menger manifolds, Bestvina consistently consid­ ered partitions of their manifold neighborhoods (see the construction in §2). This approach made it possible to achieve the necessary connectivity degrees of mem­ bers of partitions as well as correct intersection properties of the partitions.

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