Critique of Economic Reason by André Gorz

By André Gorz

“Gorz’s maximum paintings, and a vital ebook for our time.”—Le Monde.

André Gorz's prior books—from Ecology as Politics to Farewell to the operating Class and Paths to Paradise—have expert and encouraged the main radical currents in eco-friendly hobbies in Europe and the United States during the last 20 years. In Critique of financial Reason, he bargains his fullest account to this point of the terminal difficulty of a approach the place each task and aspiration has been subjected to the rule of thumb of the marketplace. by way of rigorously delineating the existential and cultural limits of financial rationality, he emphasizes the pressing have to create a society which rejects the paintings ethic in want of an emancipatory ethic of loose time.

on the center of his replacement is an advocacy now not of "full employment," yet of an equivalent distribution of the diminishing volume of precious paid paintings. He offers a realistic approach for lowering the operating week, and develops a thorough model of a assured salary for all. principally, he argues utopian imaginative and prescient is now the single reasonable notion, and that "economic cause has to be again to its true—that is subordinate—place."

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The message of advertising tends to establish a sense of complicity between seller and potential buyer, by suggesting that both are exclu­ sively pursuing their own private advantage and share an interest in igno­ ring any broader considerations : the seller's only objective is to procure some form of pleasure for the potential buyer which will encourage the latter to make a purchase she or he is under no obligation to make, and the buyer's only objective has to be that of obtaining the greatest possi­ ble pleasure.

Are in a position to achieve a complete and no longer restricted self­ . aC�lv�ty, which consists in the appropriation of a totality of productive forces', an appro­ pnatlOn which demands a 'universal union'. with material life, which corresponds 10 the development of individuals into complete individuals and the casting-off of all natural limitations. The transformation of labour into self-activity corresponds to the transfor- Only at this stage does self·activity coincide 30 CRITIQUE OF ECONOMIC REASON malion of the earlier limited intercourse into the intercourse of individuals as such.

The complete, planned rationalization of the social relations of productive collaboration, resulted, in the end, in dictatorial rule by the state appar� �tus - w hich (particularly in the Soviet Union, Poland and Romania) InVoked pre-modern, traditional values in order to reinforce its legitimacy. � of the basic features of capitalism. Pursuing accumulation and,economic ;! growth as its principal goals, it attempted to rationalize this pursuit by �j replacing spontaneous hetero-regulation by the market with , method- :� ically programmed, centralized hetero-regulation of the economy as a "l whole.

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