Cryptographic Algorithms on Reconfigurable Hardware by Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez, N.A. Saqib, Arturo Díaz

By Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez, N.A. Saqib, Arturo Díaz Pérez, Cetin Kaya Koc

Software-based cryptography can be utilized for defense functions the place info site visitors isn't really too huge and coffee encryption expense is tolerable. yet equipment are more desirable the place velocity and real-time encryption are wanted. in the past, there was no booklet explaining how cryptographic algorithms might be applied on reconfigurable units. This e-book covers computational tools, computing device mathematics algorithms, and layout development suggestions had to enforce effective cryptographic algorithms in FPGA reconfigurable structures. the writer emphasizes the sensible facets of reconfigurable layout, explaining the elemental arithmetic concerned, and giving a complete description of state of the art implementation techniques.

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High-speed network where large amount of data traffic must be processed in unpredictable and in real time are not supposed to be a good candidate for software implementations as data is coming at significant high speeds and must be treated in real time. Examples of such situation include telephone conversation, video conferencing, and so forth. Hardware solutions on VLSI can accommodate high data rates but they take long development cycle for the application. Any change or modification in the design is a difficult or even impossible task.

TDEA uses three 56-bit keys (namely, iiTi, K2 and K3). If each of these keys is independently generated, then this is called the three key TDEA (3TDEA). However, if Ki and K2 are independently generated, and K^ is set equal to Ki, then this is called the two key TDEA (2TDEA) [258]. On October 2000, a new symmetric cryptographic algorithm "Rijndael" was chosen as the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) [60] by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) [253]. 3 Hash Functions 11 security level, it is replacing DEA and triple DEA (TDEA) in a wide range of applications.

4 DSA Domain Parameter Generation Require: Security parameters I and t. Ensure: Domain parameters {p,q,g). 1: Select a prime number q of t bits and another prime number p of / bits such that q\ip- 1). Find an element g of order q. repeat p-i randomly select a number he [l,p — 1] and compute g — h "i mod p. until {g ^ 1} Return {p^q^g). 5 DSA Key Generation Require: Domain parameters p,q,g. Ensure: Private key x and public key y. 1: Randomly select x £ [l,q — I]. 2: y = g"" mod p; 3: Return {y,x).

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