Data hiding within audio signals by Petrovic, Winograd, Jemili, Metois

By Petrovic, Winograd, Jemili, Metois

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This means that each pixel is stored in 1 byte in the file so there are 54 ϫ 76 ϭ 4104 pixels in the whole image. The file is 5334 bytes in size, the rest of the 5334 Ϫ 4104 bytes of data are stored in a ‘file header’ and contains mainly a ‘colour palette’, a means to specify which colours are to be used. A typical system will use 3 bytes to store each pixel, one for the red intensity, one for green and one for blue. 7 million. In an image like this one that can store only 256 colours per pixel, each pixel is represented by 1 byte and the ‘palette’ holds 256 entries, each of the 256 entries holds a 3-byte colour.

5703125 to a fixed point binary fraction. 1001001 reading from the top Use a spreadsheet to do the conversions of the following numbers: • to at least 60 binary places; • if the numbers were then to be used in a floating point number with a 48-bit mantissa, show which of the numbers would cause a slight inaccuracy. 141592654 1-26 60 place binary 48-bit accurate? 12 Number bases Fill in the spaces in the table by converting number bases as required. Hints: • Binary to hex or hex to binary, use groups of four binary digits.

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