Data Structures And Program Design In C by Mark W. Humphries, Michael W. Hawkins, Michelle C. Dy

By Mark W. Humphries, Michael W. Hawkins, Michelle C. Dy

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This number is astronomically large: All computers manufactured to date have performed altogether but a tiny fraction of this number of additions. Our confidence that computers add correctly is based on tests of each component separately; that is, by checking that each of the 64 digits is added correctly and that carrying from one place to another is done correctly. There are at least three general philosophies that are used in the choice of test data. 1. The Black-Box Method Most users of a large program are not interested in the details of its functioning; they only wish to obtain answers.

The code itself should explain how the program works. The documentation should explain why it works and what it does. 8. Whenever a program is modified, be sure that the documentation is correspondingly modified. format prettyprinting consistency Spaces, blank lines, and indentation in a program are an important form of documentation. They make the program easy to read, allow you to tell at a glance which parts of the program relate to each other, where the major breaks occur, and precisely which statements are contained in each loop or each alternative of a conditional statement.

To test neighbor_count( ) we shall supply a Life object configuration, call neighbor_count for every cell of configuration, and write out the results. Ramana Murthy Khammam 28 Chapter 1 • Programming Principles 20 The resulting driver uses configuration. initialize( ) to set up the object and bears some resemblance to the original main program. In order to call neighbor_count( ), from the driver, we need to adjust its visibility temporarily to become public in the class Life. int main ( ) // driver for neighbor_count( ) /* Pre: None.

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