Deep Fire Rising by Jack Du Brul

By Jack Du Brul

USA Today bestselling writer Jack Du Brul brings again geologist-adventurer Philip Mercer for an apocalyptic adventure. 
Hired to steer the excavation of caverns deep underneath sector fifty one, Philip Mercer unearths himself drilling instantly into the epicenter of an age-old conspiracy. A reclusive order of Himalayan priests, via distinct wisdom of the earth’s tectonic stream, has estimated the top of the world—and it's made up our minds to determine the prediction spread accordingly.
Now, with icebergs floating in the course of the South Pacific and a thermonuclear bomb set to ruin an island paradise, the level is decided for Armageddon—and it really is as much as Philip Mercer and the attractive, mysterious Tisa Nguyan to avoid a cataclysm past mind's eye.

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His memory was so full of such horrors that he tried not to revisit them. He blamed his uncharacteristic dark mood on the fact that this whole situation had him on edge. The unknown was perhaps his most feared adversary. As soon as he knew what was happening, the mood would pass. A little over four hours later, the engine's steady drone changed in pitch. They were beginning their descent. Guessing the aircraft cruised at five hundred knots, Mercer estimated they'd covered about twenty-four hundred miles.

He was prohibited from breaking the wax seals that hid the time and location of the next disaster. Watchers only opened the envelopes for the events they themselves were to witness. The last envelope was to be opened on January 1, 1906, which would presumably give a future watcher enough time to reach his destination. With a jerk Han snapped the wax seal and read the yellowed text. The date was meaningless. Just a day, a month, and a year. April 18, 1906. The coordinates meant nothing either. More numbers.

Han scanned the quiet town of Telok Betong. A layer of soot covered everything, dulling the buildings to a uniform gray as lifeless as the surface of the moon. Many of the natives' huts on the outskirts of town had toppled under the weight of ash. Only a few ragged figures lurched through the ruins. Panning the spyglass across the once-thriving waterfront, Han found the gunboat and his hands began to tremble. He turned back to see the captain had been watching him looking at the town. Their eyes locked, assuring each other that they had seen the same thing.

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