Delta Green: Denied to the Enemy (A Call of Cthulhu Mythos by Dennis Detwiller

By Dennis Detwiller

Thule, the Nazi Atlantis, mythical domestic of Aryan superbeings that governed prehistory. Thule was once presupposed to be a Nazi delusion, but if a defector from the SS occult sciences department, the Karotechia, brings evidence of Thule's fact, Delta Green's path is apparent: the alien urban and its technological and occult secrets and techniques has to be denied to the enemy in any respect expenditures. however the actual masters of Thule are combating their very own conflict. A traitor from the prior endangers their eons-old plan to form the long run. The survival of mankind is dependent upon the destiny of Thule; yet to break Thule or reserve it? Which selection will shop mankind? Written via Dennis Detwiller with hide paintings by means of Samuel Araya.

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