Deserts by Donna Latham

By Donna Latham

Investigating the planet's biomes and interpreting the trendy threats to every atmosphere, this interactive sequence demanding situations younger readers to examine how their very own activities impact the planet's well-being. With compare-and-contrast proof and vocabulary-building sidebars, each one enticing advisor unearths how environmental threats—both human and natural—affect crops and animals. reading this growing to be biome, this advisor indicates that the wasteland is greater than only a gigantic sandbox. Discussing desertification and the way environmental change—such as ranching, overdevelopment, and cactus collection—in this quarter can threaten lifestyles open air the desolate tract, this source instructs scholars at the have to deal with the wasteland with care.

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They get their food and water from the air and rain. lianas: long, woody vines found in the Amazon and other areas of the world as well. bromeliads: a tropical plant family that includes the pineapple. orchids: rare and beautiful flowers. decay: the process of rotting or deteriorating. fungus: a plant-like organism without leaves or flowers that grows on other plants or decaying material. Examples are mold, mildew, and mushrooms. lichen: a plant-like organism made of algae and fungus that grows on solid surfaces such as rocks or trees.

You may be lucky enough to see an anaconda sunning itself in tree branches or lying on the bank of a shallow, slow-moving river. Caiman: Caimans are part of the alligator family. They are the largest freshwater-based predator in the Amazon River basin. 5 feet, to the enormous black man, which can grow as long as 20 feet (6 meters). Caimans usually live near riverbanks, where they build large, mounded nests in which they lay up to 40 eggs during the dry season Caimans are night hunters. They eat fish and larger animals that go in or near the water, such as capybara, other mammals, and sometimes even humans.

Quicksand isn’t actually sand, it is soil that has become so wet that it can’t hold any weight. During the rainy season, the ground in Amazonia is wet almost everywhere, especially near lakeshores and riverbanks. Quicksand isn’t a bottomless pit, and you aren’t going to drown in it—don’t believe the movies! It’s usually just a couple of feet of sticky, gooey, sucking mud or sand. But it can still be tricky to get free from it. What usually happens to people when they step in quicksand is that one of their feet will sink first.

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