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Among other information, the status bar displays the current record. 5-16 Developer’s Guide Querying a database 4 Select Project|Properties. On the Run/Debug page, check Send Run Output To Execution Log. Click OK. Using the Execution Log instead of the Console Window enables you to view a list of activities as they occur, while running or debugging. You can also type notes into this window, and save the contents of the window to a text file. To open this window, choose View|Execution Log. 5 Select Run|Run to run the application and browse the data set.

SetDataFile(textDataFile1); 4 Save your work using the File|Save All menu option. txt file works with the default settings stored in the TextDataFile component for properties such as delimiter, separator, and locale. If it required anything other than default values, the appropriate properties could be set at this point. Now that the DataExpress components are connected to each other, the UI components can be connected. 5-10 Developer’s Guide An introductory database tutorial using a text file Setting properties of UI components The next step is to work with the two UI components, GridControl and NavigatorControl, as well as the StatusBar control that the wizard added for us.

Detailed information on the packages and classes of DataExpress Library can be found in the DataExpress Library Reference documentation. 3-8 Developer’s Guide Chapter 4 Connecting to a database Chapter4 The Database component handles the JDBC connection to a SQL server and is required for all database applications involving server data. JDBC is the JavaSoft Database Application Programmer Interface, a library of components and classes developed by JavaSoft to access remote data sources. sql package and represent a generic, low-level SQL database access framework.

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