Dharma Mind Worldly Mind: A Buddhist Handbook on Complete by David Smith

By David Smith

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Complete If we were to lay out the path in a linear fashion we could say the Path starts with sila, and then when that is refined the foundation for samadhi is laid, because to cultivate a still mind our general conduct has to be balanced — though not necessarily perfectly so. If we are engaged in crude activities the mind (which is of course integral to those activities) will not be capable of stillness, because we can’t harness and tame the coarse emotional outflows associated with crude activities.

We can then stay with those powerful forces that we need to contain to enable the transforming process to take place. As we learn to stay at home, we are not only safe from the danger of being taken into the clouds by our deluded mind, but also stand a much better chance of not succumbing to many physical and mental sicknesses. 52 raice in ay ife I was often asked during question-and-answer sessions if it is really possible to practise in lay life, especially in a large, busy city such as London.

We learn to contain these destructive outflows by making use of the negative precepts of not taking life, not engaging in wrong speech, etc. , actions that nurture the natural warmth of the human heart. ese precepts represent a turning away from the old habits of destructive self-interest and nurture new habits. ese newly acquired Dharmic skills harmonize with our own heart’s natural state, which compassionately uses them to help others. As well as the support and guidance of the precepts, the skilful cultivation of an appropriate meditation practice can also be used.

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