Digital VLSI Design with Verilog: A Textbook from Silicon by John Michael Williams

By John Michael Williams

This ebook is based as a step by step process learn alongside the traces of a VLSI built-in circuit layout undertaking. the complete Verilog language is gifted, from the fundamentals to every little thing worthwhile for synthesis of a whole 70,000 transistor, full-duplex serializer-deserializer, together with synthesizable PLLs. the writer comprises every little thing an engineer wishes for in-depth figuring out of the Verilog language: Syntax, synthesis semantics, simulation and attempt. whole strategies for the 27 labs are supplied within the downloadable records that accompany the booklet. For readers with entry to acceptable digital layout instruments, all recommendations may be constructed, simulated, and synthesized as defined within the e-book. A partial checklist of layout subject matters comprises layout partitioning, hierarchy decomposition, secure coding kinds, again annotation, wrapper modules, concurrency, race stipulations, assertion-based verification, clock synchronization, and layout for attempt. A concluding presentation of exact issues comprises process Verilog and Verilog-AMS.

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Assign means: "connect something to this wire on the left" The something is on the right. For example, "assign #10 X = A & B;" in the AndOr module above means to (a) take notice of any change in value on the right; then to (b) wait 10 time units; then to (c) evaluate (the value of the A input) anded with (the value of the B input); and, finally, to (d) use the result to replace whatever previously was the value of the X output on the left. The "#10" literals above are simulator programmed delays, in nanoseconds.

In the past, TcL was indicated by "-t", for dc_shell-t or design_visiont. However, in late 2008, Synopsys completed its transition to Tcl syntax. Currently, invoking design_vision or dc_shell automatically selects the Tcl interface, and the "-t" invocations no longer are used. There isn’t much to synthesize in Intro_Top , it’s already described almost on a gate level. But, continuous assignment statements aren’t gates; so, during synthesis, there will be a noticeable difference when their expressions are replaced visibly by gates.

If width and base are omitted, a literal number such as 1d is assumed in verilog to be in decimal format; so, 1d = 1x10 + d x 1 = 10 + 14 = 24. This is something usually to be avoided. If a whole number such as 48 is written without width or base, it is assumed to Digital VLSI Design with Verilog 47 be a 32-bit integer (signed). In writing verilog, it is best never to omit the width or base of any literal numerical value. There are a few exceptions which will be explained later. Vector type conversions are performed consistently and simply, avoiding the need for explicit conversion operators.

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