Discovery, Recognition and Enthronement of the 14th Dalai by Khemy Sonam Wangdu, Sir Basil J Gould, Hugh E Richardson

By Khemy Sonam Wangdu, Sir Basil J Gould, Hugh E Richardson

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Also, we requested him to escort the boy to Kumbum monastery and take care of him, especially his cleanliness. Then, we went to Ziling to meet the governor and ask permission for the boy and his parents to travel to Lhasa, telling him that our government had short-listed the boy for further tests there. There was no direct access to Governor Ma, we had to communicate through his commissioner. And there was no immediate reply. " and so on. We answered all his questions very cautiously, according to the prevailing situation.

It was strongly built by a team ofgovernment officials, including top ranking ones such as Lay Minister Bonsho, Monk-Secretary T elingpa Khenrab W angchug, Senior ChefLobsangJinpa, representatives from the three principal monasteries, a group of monk and lay civil service officers, and the caretakers of His Holiness' bed, kitchen, tents and carpets etc. Shortly before the break of dawn, Lay Minister Bonsho, MonkSecretary Khenrab Wangchug, Senior ChefLobsangJinpa and a few other high-rarikingofficials came forward to receive us with flashlights in their hands.

In the meeting, the participants repeated what the governor had told us through his commissioner. They persistently demanded, "If he is the reincarnation of the late Thirteenth Dalai Lama, then the general public should be informed of this news, allowing them an opportuniry to have his audience. If he is not; then why should he be escorted to Lhasa? " In sheer rage, some young participants almost reached the point of striking us. Discovery ofthe 14th Dalai Lama 27 Seeing this, we tried our level best to pacify them by explaining the situation at length: "This is a matter related to the reincarnation of the late Thirteenth Dalai Lama-a matter of the spiritual and temporal leader of future Tibet.

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