Excel 2013 VBA and Macros (MrExcel Library) by Bill Jelen by Bill Jelen

By Bill Jelen

28 chapters in overall starting from creation, Lopping, Arrays to occasion Programming, and construction apps.

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It is recommended that you store macros related to a particular workbook in This Workbook. xlsm) is not a visible workbook; it is created if you choose to save the recording in the Personal Macro Workbook. This workbook is used to save a macro in a workbook that opens automatically when you start Excel, thereby enabling you to use the macro. After Excel is started, the workbook is hidden. If you want to display it, select Unhide from the View tab. Tip It is not recommended that you use the personal workbook for every macro you save.

Someone in accounting or engineering discovers that he or she can import some data into Excel and get the reports necessary to run the business. This is a liberating event—you no longer need to wait months for the IT department to write a program. However, the problem is that after you import the data into Excel and win accolades from your manager for producing the report, you will likely be asked to produce the same report every month or every week. This becomes very tedious. Again, the great news is that with a few hours of VBA programming, you can automate the reporting process and turn it into a few button clicks.

Scott Ruble and Robin Wakefield at Microsoft helped with the charting chapter. And I give a tip of the cap to JWalk for that HWND trick. com, thanks to Barb Jelen, Wei Jiang, Tracy Syrstad, Tyler Nash, and Scott Pierson. My family was incredibly supportive during this time. Thanks to Zeke Jelen, Dom Grossi, and Mary Ellen Jelen. —Bill Juan Pablo Gonzalez Ruiz is a great programmer, and I really appreciate his time and patience showing me new ways to write better programs. Thank you to all the moderators at the MrExcel forum who keep the board organized, despite the best efforts of the spammers.

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