Gorky Park (Arkady Renko, No. 1) by Martin Cruz Smith

By Martin Cruz Smith

“Brilliant . . . adequate enigmas inside of enigmas inside of enigmas to reel the mind.”–The New YorkerA triple homicide in a Moscow entertainment heart: 3 corpses chanced on frozen within the snow, faces and arms lacking. leader murder investigator Arkady Renko is fantastic, delicate, sincere, and cynical approximately every little thing other than his occupation. to spot the sufferers and discover the reality, he needs to conflict the KGB, FBI, and the hot York urban police as he pursues a wealthy, ruthless, and well-connected American fur broker. in the meantime, Renko is falling in love with a gorgeous, headstrong dissident for whom he may possibly probability everything.“Once one will get going, one doesn’t are looking to cease. . . . The motion is gritty, the plot complex, [and] the overriding caliber is intelligence.”–The Washington Post“Reminds you simply how pleasurable a easily grew to become mystery can be.” –The long island instances e-book Review“An incredible success . . . shiny, witty . . . thoroughly fascinating.”–Boston usher in American“Gripping, romantic, and dazzlingly original.”–Cosmopolitan

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She refused to use the coil. Russians, procreate! the article demanded. Fertilize a glorious roe of young Greater Russians lest all the inferior nationalities, the swarthy Turks and Armenians, sly Georgians and Jews, traitorous Estonians and Latvians, swarming hordes of ignorant yellow Kazaks, Tartars and Mongols, backward and ungrateful Uzbeks, Ossetians, Circassians, Kalmuks and Chuckchis tip with their upraised organs the necessary population ratio between white, educated Russians and dark .

Well, they had so much in common. He was, after all, secretary of the Party District Committee. Adviser to Zoya's Komsomol council. Gymnast. Mutual labor was bound to engender mutual affection. Arkady fought the impulse for a cigarette because it would have made the picture of a jealous husband too complete. Students were filing in when Arkady reached School 457. Though the kids were supposed to be uniformed, most wore their red Pioneer bandannas with neat hand-me-downs. ' Zoya hopped quickly out of the car.

Pribluda pointed to the nearest body. Arkady wasn't sure he'd heard the man correctly. Bits of ice glimmered in the air. He couldn't have said that, he decided. Pribluda's face turned in and out of the light of the headlights, a card half up a sleeve, eyes small and dark as pips. Suddenly he was discarding his gloves. ' Pribluda straddled the bodies and began scooping away dog-fashion, throwing snow left and right. A man thinks he is hardened to death; he has walked into hot kitchens covered from floor to ceiling in blood, is an expert, knows that in the summer people seem ready to explode with blood; he even prefers winter's stiffs.

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