Tanner's Tiger by Lawrence Block

By Lawrence Block

The chilly War's boiling over. worldwide tensions are close to the brink. So what is the ideal task for a super-spy who hasn't slept because the Korean clash? a fun-packed journey to the Montreal World's Fair!

The lovely little woman he is escorting—who, below diversified situations, will be sitting at the Lithuanian throne—can infrequently comprise her pleasure, however it is not all playtime for Evan Tanner. a few mysterious disappearances, it sounds as if associated with the fair's Cuban exhibition, have to be seemed into.

Keeping his brain on enterprise, although, will not be effortless after an insatiable gorgeous in a tiger epidermis falls into Tanner's fingers, and a mom lode of risky medications falls into his lap. however the largest, deadliest suprise is the terrorist plot Tanner's tumbling into, and he will need to imagine and act quick to avoid the traveling queen of britain from being blown to smithereens.

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Unless you don't want to-" "Oh, Evan! " But now it looked as though I weren't. Chapter 3 At Kennedy I carried Minna from the plane. One of my fellow passengers made cute faces at her; Minna, being asleep, fortunately missed them. "She's a cutie," he said. " "Must have had a wonderful time at Expo. The kids all have a ball. You should have seen mine. " "Not very long," I said. Minna came awake while I waited for our suitcase. She wanted to know where we were and I told her we were in New York.

It's cool here," I said. " She stood up, waving her arms ecstatically. "I am so glad we are finally here," she said. "What shall we do first? Do you want to ride on the Minirail? What pavilions shall we go to? " We went everywhere, we did everything. We rode on the Minirail and took a ride on the boat, which was called the Hovercraft. We went to more pavilions than either of us could keep track of, passing up the ones with lines in front of them - probably the best ones, naturally - and wandering through endless exhibits, most of which concentrated on depicting the economic progress and industrial potential of the country whose pavilion it was.

He laughed loudly into the phone and I pulled it away from my ear. "How is the old drunk broadchaser? I'll be a son of a bitch, Tad Orlowicz. " "He's not. He-" "I didn't see Tad since, oh, I don't know how long. " "No kidding. Still drinking the booze, huh? " I closed my eyes. "Same as ever," I said. " "Well, what do you know. " "I have to see you. " I closed my eyes again. There were, I thought, over a hundred thousand Poles in the city of Buffalo, still more in the surrounding suburbs. With such a large subculture to draw from, it was inconceivable that the Society for a Free Poland didn't have a more efficient operative in the area.

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