The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy by Yves Engler

By Yves Engler

In distinction to the typical opinion that Canada’s fundamental function has been peacekeeper in different old disputes, this research sheds gentle on numerous darkish corners of the country’s overseas coverage. From participation within the U.N. venture that killed Patrice Lumumba within the Congo to aid for South African apartheid, Zionism, and the U.S. wars in Vietnam in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan at the present time, this research presents a entire critique of the way Canadian international coverage isn't really self reliant yet solidly associated with that of the U.S.. Revealing how the rustic has used its sturdy recognition to open doorways which have been inaccessible to the united states, this research is a clarion demand Canadians to problem their government’s tested procedures.

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When I first learned about the situation in Haiti I assumed Canadian diplomats had simply followed Washington, not fully understanding the consequences of their actions. But as I learned about the extent to which Canada participated in this crime against the Haitian people I began to question my assumptions of Canada’s role in the world. While acting in concert with the USA, it was clear that Canada was also an independent player with its own self-interests, including those of Canadian companies.

That is the least that can be expected of responsible citizens in a democracy. The goal of this book is to reveal a side of international relations that our governments and corporations have kept hidden from the vast majority of us. This black book, unlike a secret list of girlfriends kept by a lothario, has a progressive purpose: To inspire Canadians to demand change. The Caribbean The best place to start this look at Canada’s role in the world is in our foreign affairs backyard, which, for geographical, linguistic, economic and historical reasons, is the Caribbean.

S. S. troops invaded the Dominican Republic. S. ”80 Pearson told the Commons he was concerned about Canadian investments in the Dominican. ”81 Concern for Canadian corporate assets was driven by the size of the investments. S. S. intervention was good for business. The year after the invasion Falconbridge quadrupled the size of its experimental pilot plant in the country. -backed Joaquin Balaguer government to send soldiers to break a strike. “When Falconbridge workers went on strike on May 11, 1970 and then formed a union affiliated with the Confederation of Christian Trade Unions, the company refused to recognize the union and fired 60 workers.

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