Jack Vance's The Excellent Prismatic Spray by Jim Webster

By Jim Webster

The XPS 2 is a superbly provided compendium of erudite articles, adventures and heritage fabric for the loss of life Earth RPG. Robin D. legislation offers ""Phasms"", an event for strong arch-magicians; Gary Gygax info the effect of Jack Vance at the D&D video game. Phil Masters, Steven lengthy, and lots of different stellar names current fabric of similar curiosity.

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Each wears a shimmering, diaphanous silk chiton, held secured by a sun-disk brooch at her left shoulder and cinched at her waist by a belt of metal plates. She also wears two slim bronze bracelets. She is a construct provided by the Revered Ancestors for the security and comfort of the Lords and Priests of Efred. She is a mystical construct of some sort, perhaps an avatar of a Larval Age champion, rather than an actual vat creature. Should she be killed, another creature just like her rises from the cenotaph at the Temple on the next dawn.

From this distance, the only notable feature of the village is a large tower of some sort at the center of town. Unfortunately, there is little time to sightsee. The horde of deodands breaks from the tree line and the PCs will probably urge their mounts towards the safety of town. As the PCs ride down into the valley, the tower in the village suddenly flares with a bright blue light, which bursts outward in a circular ripple of energy. The blue wave seeps over the PCs with a blinding flash and they suddenly find their mounts crashing to the ground.

At this point, several farmers will appear at the edge of some fields and hail the PCs. Their manner will be rustic, but friendly. They will welcome the PCs to the small town of Aldusfeld. If asked about the mysterious blue light that slew their mounts and pursuers, the farmers will claim that it’s a magical defense of some sort, but that they know little of such things, save that it protects them from attack. One of the farmers carries along a large backpack, which he now opens up. Inside are the farmer’s lunches along with a couple of bottles of wine.

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