The reality of being : the Fourth Way of Gurdjieff by Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch; Salzmann, Jeanne; Gurdjieff,

By Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch; Salzmann, Jeanne; Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch

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My feeling is not free. It has to obey the “me” who wants to be the greatest, the most powerful and who suffers all the time from not being first. So, my feeling does not dare. It is afraid, or doubts. How can it know? Then, of course, there is my body, the capacity to sense my body. But am I my body? In fact, I do not know myself. I do not know what I am. I know neither my possibilities nor my limitations. I exist, yet I do not know how I am existing. I believe my actions are affirming my own existence.

In man it is the mind that is opposed to the body. The neutralizing force is the wish that unites them, connects them. Everything comes from the wish, the will. To represent God, it is necessary to represent these three forces. Where the three forces are reunited, God is. Where our attention is, God is. When two forces are opposed and a third unites them, God is here. ” We can ask for help, to come to this in ourselves. The only help is this. Our aim is this, to contain, to unite these three forces in us .

It is only by working to be present that my attention will develop. In each event of life there is a double movement of involution and evolution. The effort I can make with my ordinary means, the only effort that is incumbent on me, is one of voluntary passivity—a conscious effort. The attitude we take, our inner and outer posture, is at the same time our aim and our way. IN A PASS IV E STAT E 13. My functions are passive Whatever the state in which I find myself at this moment, whatever the sense of the force I manifest, the highest possibilities are here, hidden by the thick screen of my passivity in believing in my self-sufficiency.

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