Universities in the Marketplace: The Commercialization of by Derek Bok

By Derek Bok

This article investigates the commercialization of upper schooling and argues that this may in simple terms reach the momentary, whereas these universities that uphold educational values will win public belief and hold the distinction of school and scholars.

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9 The mounting costs of maintaining a competitive athletic program have made it difficult for universities to achieve real financial success from major sports. 10 Only a handful of universities, such as Florida State and Notre Dame—perhaps no more than ten to twenty in all— make a profit on their entire athletic program, since the NCAA requires institutions with Division IA (big-time) status to field a minimum number of fourteen teams, few of which can attract enough spectators or television interest to break even.

Until 1948, how- ATHLETICS which have tried moving up to Division IA, have typically ended by losing substantial sums. The resulting situation has been aptly described by former NCAA President Walter Byers: “Money begets money, but in college athletics, there never seems to be enough of it. ”12 The imperatives of big-time intercollegiate athletics invite corruption. Coaches are under intense pressure to win in order to keep their jobs. So are athletic directors, who have to fill the stands and attract television coverage to gain the revenue they need to meet the heavy cost of the program.

Graduation rates are also lower than they should be for male athletes in major revenue-making programs. 23 These figures are not markedly lower than those of other students. Still, they are troubling because almost all of these athletes get full scholarships (and hence have little likelihood of dropping out for financial reasons), not to mention extensive tutoring to help them through their coursework. Moreover, although other students often transfer to other schools and eventually graduate, athletes cannot do so without losing a year’s eligibility.

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